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Momiji Doll - "Soul"

My two younger sisters sent me this adorable Momiji Doll for my birthday in June. Each one of these dolls have a tiny folded card on the underside of them that you can take out and read. The one they sent me is named "Soul". Very cute!

Mel Scouts and Beijo Brasil at Future

I recently took some photos at Future Vanity/Novelty of some of our new jewelry, featuring Mel Scouts and Beijo Brasil.

I really love the jewelry from Mel Scouts, who has some beautiful vintage pieces, all personally curated by Mel herself.

I'm also a fan of the jewelry from Beijo Brasil. They've got a variety of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with so many awesome designs and pictures.

Check out some of the pieces below, and stay tuned for some more product features!

Early Summer

Found some long lost photography from earlier this summer! I love finding photos that I've never gone through.